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The European Visa Centre (CEV)

Kinshasa has a European Visa Centre, managed by the Belgian Embassy in Kinshasa.

The European Visa Centre (CEV) in Kinshasa is a common centre for receiving visa applications in accordance with the visa code.

This cooperation between several Schengen States was created as a Belgian-Portuguese initiative, co-financed by the External Borders Fund of the European Union. It is led by Belgium and has been operational since 5 April 2010. Before 8 March 2019, it was known as "Schengen House" (Maison Schengen).

Several participating States have so far requested Belgium to examine applications and issue short-stay visas on their behalf. Visa applications are processed by the visa service of the Belgian Embassy or General Consulate and the Immigration Office, the latter being the competent authority for the right of residence in Belgium.

For information on legislation and other issues related to the EU's involvement in the field of immigration in Europe, please consult the European Union website, in the 'visa policy of the European Commission' section.

Applications for short-stay visas for all countries listed under participating states can be submitted to the CEV.

Before applying for a visa, a visit to this website is recommended. Applicants will be able to obtain all useful information as well as links to the forms required to complete the various types of visa applications. 

It is only possible to apply for a visa after having made an appointment via our website. 

Applicants are advised to submit their application well in advance of their intended travel date (maximum 6 months). A period of 15 days is certainly to be expected for an application for a short stay. This processing time is longer in certain cases (incomplete applications, first applications, previous refusals, etc.) or if there is a very large number of applications, for example when summer holidays, end of the year celebrations or school holidays are approaching. We advise that you organize yourself accordingly. Processing times for long-stay applications can take up to a month, or even several months in some cases. 

The handling fee, which you will find in the application fees section, is payable at the time of application. Payments are only accepted in Euros.