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Kivu residents

North and South Kivu Provinces

To avoid long-distance travel, Congolese nationals from North or South Kivu and third-country nationals legally resident in North or South Kivu who are travelling to Belgium may apply for Schengen visa at the Belgian embassy in Kigali : 

  • short stay visas (90 days maximum) at the Belgian Embassy in Kigali. The following conditions apply: 
    • For travellers going to Germany : only Congolese nationals may request their visa in Kigali.
    • This applies only for trips to Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden
  • long stay visas at the CEV in Kinshasa

Exception : students beneficiaries of a burssary from Enabel or other actors of Belgian development cooperation and Belgian international coopération that reside legally in North or South Kivu can introduce their visa requests in Kigali or Kampala.